It's Canada's birthday year!
Ontario's, too!

It's time for Brampton City Council to bring
an extraordinary legacy of our national heritage
to Canada's 9th largest city -  
for pure enjoyment, for health and for our economy,
and to bring Brampton's cultures together on ice.
It's time, right now, for visionary progress.
Canada 150 IceSkatePark Brampton.
For Brampton and for all Canadians.

Welcome to the Canada 150 IceSkatePark Brampton initiative

2017 is Canada's sesquicentennial year - a year in which our patriotic spirit and our national and cultural heritage will come to the fore in celebration and remembrance.

In February of 2015, a small citizen's group known as Icepark Group Inc. proposed to the City of Brampton that it explore the creation of an extraordinary major public outdoor ice skating park as a legacy to Canada's national winter sport.  Canada 150 IceSkatePark would be the most significant initiative for outdoor winter sport in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, home to 7 million people.  Indeed, the park would be unique in all of North America.

The park was proposed out of concern for the well-being of the region's increasingly sedentary population, and in anticipation of potential opportunities for capital funding as a Canada 150 infrastructure initiative.  The features of Canada 150 IceSkatePark Brampton would give it regional, national and even international attention. The park would have
  • a broad, refrigerated outdoor skating circuit about 1,400 meters in length; 
  • several ice surfaces for gathering and socializing; 
  • Igloo shelters for resting, plus other types of resting areas; 
  • a refrigerated outdoor long-track speed skating oval built to international standards (none exist in Ontario), with a grandstand and dressing facilities; 
  • a hockey Shoot’n’Score skills feature; 
  • an outdoor arena with grandstands for competitions and special events; 
  • a practice rink; 
  • a 200-meter long toboggan ride; 
  • a heated outdoor pool for swimming and relaxing; 
  • art and sculpture throughout the park, in a colourfully lit landscaped environment; 
  • a main building for admission to the park, with change/preparation areas, a restaurant, outfitters shop, exhibit area, and other amenities; 
  • a second floor for other public uses (e.g. conferences, museum, art gallery); 
  • a multi-level parking garage if needed; and 
  • a full roster of seasonal events (e.g. festivals, skates for charity, skate with Santa).
In February of 2015, the new Brampton City Council, consumed at the time of Icepark Group's presentation by a financial crisis, workload, and an incomplete staff report, turned down a further exploration of the park.  Icepark Group was disappointed at the apparent lack of vision, and even patriotic spirit, of City Council members.  Very strong evidence of the potential success of the park, and strong public support, were discounted, and a recommendation by staff not to proceed further with the park was adopted.

A copy of the proposal by Icepark Group can be accessed by
clicking here.  

In 2017, Icepark Group is communicating again with Brampton, and Ontario and federal officials, to inspire the patriotism and vision of Brampton City Council to take timely positive action to explore Canada 150 IceSkatePark, in time for an announcement by three levels of government in July that this extraordinary legacy to Canada will be created.
Brampton and Mississauga residents want Canada 150 IceSkatePark!

Our survey of residents shows that, by more than a two-to-one margin, Bramptonians and Mississaugans want this park, as a lasting tribute to Canada, and as a place to visit for a great deal of fun.  Just 9% of respondents said they would not support the park's creation.  Amazingly, in 2015 Brampton City Council sided with the 9%!
See the survey report by clicking here.

Icepark Group Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the establishment of a major, world class publicly-owned outdoor ice skating park in the city of Brampton in the Greater Toronto Area.

Ice skating is a sport and a pastime that the city has an exceptional opportunity to build on.  It’s the most Canadian of activities.  Ice skating can offer many hours of healthy enjoyment for city residents of all ages.  The proposed park can also become a winter tourism destination for people across the region and North America.

Icepark Group Inc. is a citizen-based corporation not affiliated with any for-profit enterprise.  It has no interest in building or operating the park.

Physical Activity and Health

Not only is the park proposed for enjoyment, but also as a means to energize the increasingly sedentary lives of people of all ages, who spend more and more hours viewing computer screens, TVs and electronic devices. Health officials and professionals are worried that the lack of physical activity among Ontarians will result in an increasing incidence of degenerative diseases as young people age.

The problem is serious. Few children get the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to intensive exercise per day. Almost a third of children aged 5 to 11 are overweight or obese. And according to Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health, 27% of children aged 12 to 17 are overweight or obese. Adults do not fare much better. The costs to our medical system will grow rapidly.

 But for Canada 150 IceSkatePark to energize inactive people of all ages, and to also become a significant focus of winter excitement for all people, it has to be truly special. There needs to be a grandness of scope, a superior quality of product and a uniqueness that makes it a magnet for people in the Toronto region and a recognizable and exciting destination for many others.

That’s what Icepark Group is proposing.

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