Imagine an outdoor ice skating park with a refrigerated pleasure skating circuit almost a mile long, and that also includes an arena for figure skating and for hockey, a long track speed skating oval built to international standards, learn-to-skate programs, a toboggan ride, a hockey skills feature, and a heated outdoor pool. 

Imagine amenities such as public sculptures and art, restaurants, food kiosks, and an outfitter shop to meet the needs of visitors arriving on impulse.

Imagine season-long special events such as charity skates, Olympic speed skating, hockey tournaments,
figure skating demonstrations,  and holiday activities.

Imagine the thousands of hockey players in the Toronto area and beyond who will want to skate in the park every year, the thousands of former players and current and former figure skaters who will be drawn to this park – a park that would be so very different from skating in circles in local rinks.  Imagine pleasure skaters who simply want to do it outdoors -- under the stars, in the sunshine, or as the snow falls. 

Imagine visitors to Brampton and the Toronto area who want to give it a try, coming to the city to skate and to maybe do a few other things if there is time, or coming here on business and staying the extra day to skate.

 Why Not a Private Park?
The basic intent of Icepark Group Inc. is to inspire many people who lead sedentary lifestyles, and who current recreational facilities and services have not been able to reach, to become much more physically active.  Icepark Group's concern is especially for the long term health of today's young people.
Unfortunately, a private endeavour to create an IceSkatePark with similar features would have to set admission fees that would be at a level that would deter most people from habitual use of the park.  The private operator would have to buy the land (12+ hectares) and build the park without public funding.  Entry fees would be in the $35 to $40 range, compared to the publicly-owned and operated Canada 150 IceSkatePark Brampton's proposed $5 to $6 entry fee.  Health benefits would be lost. 
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