Moving Forward

Canada's 150th Birthday

Canada 150 IceSkatePark would be an extraordinarily appropriate way to celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial in 2017.  Ice skating is at the heart and soul of our winter culture.  It's what Canada is known for, what we love to do, and a great way to inspire young and new Canadians to enjoy our Great Outdoors.

A Business Case

Icepark Group has prepared a business case for the park.  The business case for the park is strong, indicating operational affordability for the park. Creation of the park is proposed to be cost-shared by Brampton and the Ontario and Canada governments.

To view the business case for Canada 150 IceSkatePark, Click Here


Promoting Tourism

In addition to the need for more participation in healthy outdoor sport, t
ourism has not taken hold in Brampton, a city of almost 600,000 people.  Generally speaking, tourists come to find a hotel room so that they can visit Toronto, and visitors to Toronto do not think of coming to Brampton to see its attractions because there is so little to offer. The long winter is especially dreary for both residents and visitors, with little for most people to do except visit the malls, conduct business, go to dinner and see a movie.  Canada 150 IceSkatePark Brampton's world class features would make Brampton an exciting destination for visitors from across Canada, the USA and beyond. 

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